Party Walls

Under the Party Wall etc Act, 1996, any work undertaken on a party wall or structure , or within a certain distance of a party wall or structure, must be notified in advance to your neighbour.

You are obliged to serve a Notice of your intention to carry out works likely to affect their premises.

Our appointment as Party Wall Surveyors will ensure that this process is followed correctly.

Your neighbours may wish to have a schedule of condition carried out of any part of their property that may be affected by the works.

If so, they are entitled to appoint their own surveyor or they may agree that we should also act on their behalf.

When this is the case, we are required by law to act impartially for both parties.

Fees are normally met by the home owners who have initiated the works. The amount of our time involved is not usually very great where small domestic alterations are proposed and we are always pleased to give an initial assessment as to the eventual cost.

Party Wall matters need not be complicated. If you need further information or advice, please telephone for an informal discussion.