Level 2 Surveys (Condition & Home Buyers Reports)

A Level 2 Survey is in a standard format and is designed specifically as an economy service. It therefore differs from a Level 3 (full building) Survey in that it is intended only for houses, flats and bungalows which are conventional in type and construction and which are apparently in reasonable condition. It highlights major defects which would have an effect on the valuation of the property. The Level 2 service can also include a Market Valuation and Reinstatement Cost, if required. Steven Sherlock is an RICS Registered Valuer

This format is not suitable for old properties or for properties that have been extensively altered. The pre-printed pages on which we set out the report are limited in space and, although we can insert continuation pages, that procedure can become unwieldy.

The main objective within this format is to provide the information which should enable you to decide whether or not to proceed with your purchase. It will also give guidance as to whether the price is considered reasonable.

The report will include traffic light indication (Red/Amber/Green) indicating the urgency of dealing with any defects.  This will also highlight any actions you should take and information you (or your solicitor) should obtain before exchange of contracts.

A Level 2 report covers the exterior and interior of the property, the services and the site, with particular emphasis on major defects.

Full details of the Level 2 service are forwarded to you before the survey is undertaken.