Level 3 (Full Building Survey)

Level 3 (Full Building) Survey

A Level 3 Building Survey is a thorough, detailed inspection of a property, providing a comprehensive description of methods of construction, defects identified and how to address the defects found, depending on whether the property is a Listed Building, traditionally constructed or an unusual construction such as straw-bale, SIP panel or other construction type. The report ensures prospective purchasers are given comprehensive advice following our thorough inspection of the property. It does not highlight all minor defects, but draws attention to items that need immediate repair and those that require future and ongoing maintenance expenditure. The report is confidential to our client, the prospective purchaser and their advisors.

The extent of the survey is limited by occupation; fixtures and fittings such as cupboards and carpets. If a hidden defect is suspected, the vendor’s permission is required before any further investigation can take place.

This includes inspection of wall cavities, where small holes may need to be drilled. Ladders and other equipment are used, subject to safety at all times. An informed visual inspection is made of the electrical and central heating systems. We advise when we feel you would benefit from specialist advice and can arrange further tests for you.

The Report covers:

  • Situation and general description; tenure; site dimensions; roads and subsoil
  • Construction details; both exterior and interior; advice on defects and repair, garden, boundaries.
  • Services: water; gas; electricity; central heating; sanitary fittings; drains.
  • Schedule of defects specifically identifying those that require immediate attention.
  • Town planning; fire insurance; community charge assessment.
  • Conclusion; with valuation if required and a Reinstatement Cost Assesment.

As an addition to the report, we can provide budget costings for the defects identified and a proposed timescale for undertaking remedial and maintenance works.

An appendix is included with every report, explaining defects and offering general advice on building maintenance. A copy of the report is also sent to your solicitor.

Should we visit site and decide after a brief look that the building has major problems of which, perhaps you are unaware, we would immediately put the survey on hold and ask for further instructions. It rarely happens, but is not unknown.

If the property you are hoping to buy is reasonably modern, a Level 2 Survey could be the best way forward for you. We are always happy to discuss which type of survey would be most appropriate.