Contract Administration

Contract Administration

As an independent practice of Chartered Surveyors we are able to provide our clients with a range of services to ensure the most efficient management, construction, alteration and repair of most types of buildings.

If you are going to undertake substantial building works, we strongly recommend that you take professional advice as early as possible. We can assess the feasibility of proposals, their likely cost, and advise on the best solution to meet your requirements. Detailed drawings and specifications can then be produced and builders’ tenders obtained.

Larger schemes may involve us with professional colleagues such as engineers (structural and services), quantity surveyors, interior design and acoustic specialists and we will advise when their services are necessary. Our design consultants will also be involved in projects where a very high standard of design is required; for instance, with sensitively-sited Listed Buildings.

Smaller works such as specification and rectification of minor defects are often more complicated than they at first appear and all too frequently are entrusted to builders, who are not primarily responsible for giving impartial advice. Following a thorough survey we can prepare a detailed specification on which competitive quotations can be invited and ensure the works are carried out correctly.

If you are contemplating work on your building, bear in mind that it all takes time! Drawing up a specification and putting it out to competitive tender can take 6-8 weeks. A builder must programme the work into his schedule. The weather takes its toll. Suppliers do not always perform to demand.

Employing a surveyor to worry for you will remove the load from your own shoulders, ensuring as smooth a transition as possible from the first idea to completed project.